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Browse the fact sheets below for information on two unique and timely investments that all investors should be aware of. You can download and print the fact sheets below.

Innovator Investment: Growth Fund

Date: July 22, 2022

Learn more about the Innovator Growth Fund-100 Power Buffer ETF


Innovator Investment: 20+ Year Treasury Bond

Date: July 22, 2022

Learn more about the Innovator 20+ Year Treasury Bond 9 Buffer ETF


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Our webinars focus on common financial concerns that individuals and families face in retirement.

Bitcoin Adoption Continues

Date: August 19, 2021

In this webinar, we discuss why the ProActive Retirement Digital Assets Model Portfolio may become more important than we ever imagined.

  1. Learn why ignoring this opportunity is strongly discouraged
  2. The current Narrative vs Reality is fascinating to watch
  3. Possibly the best risk vs reward of our lifetime
  4. ProActive Retirement’s Digital Assets Model Portfolio

Social Security or “Insecurity”

Date: March 13, 2021

In this webinar, you will be given the facts on Social Security, its history, the current condition of the progream, and the many possible changes coming our way. This is a straight forward discussion on how to make an informed decision for yourself and your family.

The “4 Buckets Of Money” Income Strategy For Retirement

Date: December 30, 2020

Larry Hancock, founder of ProActive Retirement, will SHOW you why having a financial advisor who focuses their efforts on retirement income and investment management is key to your retirement success.

He covers how to build a strategy for sustainable income in retirement through the “Four Buckets of Money” approach and how to manage risk by aligning your savings and investments with your retirement income plan.